How the fitness industry survived lockdown

After months of closed gyms, the fitness industry was forced to move online to survive

As we emerge out of our third lockdown towards the end of all restrictions, we have all felt the impact of our unstable relationship with the fitness industry.

The pandemic has had all of us thinking about our health, inspiring a new wave of health conscious choices as we begin to see our day to day lives resemble something of normality after months of isolation.

With the abrupt initial closure of the gyms, there was a sudden scramble to try and obtain home equipment, alongside the rise of the 'Instagram Live workout'.

Google Trends showing the direct correlation over the past few months between changes in lockdown restrictions and the surges in popularity towards research into home workouts versus gym memberships.

I caught up with some professionals from the industry, including Chris Dickson and Davin Byfield (@cad_pt84) and Elliot Gibson (@ellgibsonfit) along with Alice Lamprecht, a member of Anytime Fitness in Balham, to learn their fitness experiences of the pandemic, and how they think the fitness industry will change going forward.